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Article Reference
Kernel Methods in Machine Learning 2008-11-11
Support Vector Machines and Kernels for Computational Biology 2008-08-04
Upper and lower bounds on the learning curve for Gaussian processes 2008-05-13
Bayesian classification with Gaussian processes 2008-05-13
Computation with infinite neural networks 2008-05-13
Bibliography Folder
Publications 2007-01-31
upload_19701_gp.bib 2008-05-13
upload_8526_gp.bib 2008-05-13
Book Reference
Learning and Soft Computing, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Models 2007-01-31
Learning with Kernels 2007-01-31
Least Squares Support Vector Machines 2007-01-31
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning 2007-01-31
Estimation of Dependences Based on Empirical Data [in Russian] 2007-01-31
Books 2007-01-31
FAQ 2007-01-31
Software 2007-01-31
Annual Workshop 2007-01-31
Tutorials 2008-05-13
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duplicates 2007-01-31
File 2008-05-13 2008-05-13 2008-05-13 2008-05-13 2008-05-13
code 2008-05-13
papers 2008-05-13
gif 2007-07-30
Links 2007-01-31
JMLR 2007-01-31
Incollection Reference
Finite-dimensional approximation of Gaussian processes 2008-05-13
Regression with Input-dependent Noise: A Gaussian Process Treatment 2008-05-13
Gaussian regression and optimal finite dimensional linear models 2008-05-13
Prediction with Gaussian Processes: From Linear Regression to Linear Prediction and beyond 2008-05-13
Gaussian processes for regression 2008-05-13
Inproceedings Reference
The Effect of the Input Density Distribution on Kernel-based Classifiers 2008-05-13
Discovering hidden features with Gaussian processes regression 2008-05-13
Computing with infinite networks 2008-05-13
Gaussian Processes for Bayesian Classification via Hybrid Monte Carlo 2008-05-13
The Effect of the Input Density Distribution on Kernel-based Classifiers 2008-05-13
Large Folder
Members 2007-01-30
MLOSS 2008-04-15
Support Vector Java Applet 2007-01-31
Isabelle Guyon's SVM application list 2007-01-31
Center for Biological and Computational Learning 2007-01-31
COLT Group 2007-01-31
Mastersthesis Reference
Development of Adaptive, Online Soft Sensors 2007-01-31
Regression Estimation with Support Vector Learning Machines 2007-01-31
Misc Reference
Support Vector Learning 2008-05-13
SVM and Kernel Methods 2008-05-13
ICML'01 Tutorial 2008-05-13
A Short Tutorial on Kernels 2008-05-13
Introduction to Gaussian Processes 2008-05-13
News Item
Call for NIPS 2008 Kernel Learning Workshop Submissions 2008-09-30
Tutorials uploaded 2008-05-13
Machine Learning Summer School / Course On The Analysis On Patterns 2007-02-12
Special Issue of JMLR 2001-01-08
Editorial Board Enlarged 2000-12-22
PDF File
Kernel Methods in Machine Learning 2008-11-11
PDF Folder
PDFs 2008-11-11
Phdthesis Reference
Kernel Models for Large Scale Applications 2007-01-31
Mathematical Programming Approaches to Machine Learning and Data Mining 2007-01-31
Study and Application of Statistical Learning Theory 2007-01-31
Prediction of Generalization Ability in Learning Machines 2007-01-31
Learning with Kernels 2007-01-31
Techreport Reference
Statistical Learning and Kernel Methods 2008-05-13
The Kernel Trick for Distances 2008-05-13
An introduction to model building with reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces 2008-05-13
A Tutorial on Support Vector Regression 2008-05-13
Kernel Principal Component Regression with EM Approach to Nonlinear Principal Components Extraction. 2007-01-31
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News 2007-07-26
Events 2007-01-30
Past Events 2007-01-30
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