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Publications in the database on Kernel-Machines.Org

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 357 references in this bibliography folder.

Kimeldorf, GS and Wahba, G (1970).
A correspondence between Bayesan estimation on stochastic processes and smoothing by splines
Ann. Math. Statist., 41-2:495–502.

Mangasarian, OL (1968).
Multi-Surface Method of Pattern Separation
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 14:801–807.

Mangasarian, OL (1965).
Linear and Nonlinear Separation of Patterns by Linear Programming
Operations Research, 13:444–452.

Vapnik, V and Chervonenkis, A (1964).
A note on one class of perceptrons
Automation and Remote Control, 25.

Vapnik, V and Lerner, A (1963).
Pattern Recognition using Generalized Portrait Method
Automation and Remote Control, 24.

Schwaighofer, A and Tresp, V ().
The Bayesian Committee Support Vector Machine
In: Proceedings of ICANN 2001.

Tresp, V and Schwaighofer, A ().
Scalable Kernel Systems
In: Proceedings of ICANN 2001.


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