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1998 NIPS Workshop Proceedings available for download

by mlang last modified 2007-07-26 21:30

The book "Advances in Large Margin Classifiers", published by MIT Press in 2000 (editors A. Smola, P. Bartlett, B. Schölkopf, D. Schuurmans), is now available as a PDF file from The contents include some of the most cited papers in the field:

Dynamic Alignment Kernels - Chris Watkins
Natural Regularization from Generative Models - Nuria Oliver, Bernhard Schölkopf, and Alexander J. Smola
Probabilities for SV Machines - John C. Platt
Maximal Margin Perceptron - Adam Kowalczyk
Large Margin Rank Boundaries for Ordinal Regression - Ralf Herbrich, Thore Graepel, and Klaus Obermayer
Generalized Support Vector Machines - Olvi L. Mangasarian
Linear Discriminant and Support Vector Classifiers - Isabelle Guyon and David G. Stork
Regularization Networks and Support Vector Machines - Theodoros Evgeniou, Massimiliano Pontil, and Tomaso Poggio
Robust Ensemble Learning - Gunnar Rätsch, Bernhard Schölkopf, Alexander J. Smola, Sebastian Mika, Takashi Onoda, and Klaus-Robert Müller
Functional Gradient Techniques for Combining Hypotheses - Llew Mason, Jonathan Baxter, Peter L. Bartlett, and Marcus Frean
Towards a Strategy for Boosting Regressors - Grigoris Karakoulas and John Shawe-Taylor
Bounds on Error Expectation for SVM - Vladimir Vapnik and Olivier Chapelle
Adaptive Margin Support Vector Machines - Jason Weston and Ralf Herbrich
GACV for Support Vector Machines - Grace Wahba, Yi Lin, and Hao Zhang
Gaussian Processes and SVM: Mean Field and Leave-One-Out - Manfred Opper and Ole Winther
Computing the Bayes Kernel Classifier - Pál Ruján and Mario Marchand
Margin Distribution and Soft Margin - John Shawe-Taylor and Nello Cristianini
Support Vectors and Statistical Mechanics - Rainer Dietrich, Manfred Opper, and Haim Sompolinsky
Entropy Numbers for Convex Combinations and MLPs - Alexander J. Smola, André Elisseef, Bernhard Schölkopf, and Robert C. Williamson

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